Guest Invitations

Once a Host has had tickets approved they then add the name and number of tickets to be assigned to a guest.  The additional option is to send an invitation to their guest.

Included in this arrangement:

  • The Host can:
    • Send an invitation email
    • Monitor the responses from their guests
    • Preview the invitation
    • View the guests site and act on behalf of their guests if required
    • Cancel assigned tickets
  • The guest receives the invitation email which outlines the match details and how many tickets are offered. They then link to the mobile responsive guest site, complete their personal details as well as further additional guests details (1 or more additional guests can be accommodated), update on dietary and special requirements, confirm agreement to terms & conditions and submit.
  • The My Events tile on the Home page will flag and highlight all allocated tickets where action is required at different stages of the invitation process.
  • An automatic reminder email is sent after 3 days to any guest who has not responded to the invitation.
  • Tickets offered to guests will automatically be cancelled and returned to the Host after X days (time to be agreed by the client), if the guests does not respond.