Market Allocations

Rather than having a single pool of tickets, you may wish to split the allocation of these tickets into different markets.  To deliver on this requirement means that we have to:

  1. Assign all Hosts to a market. This could be done on a self-select basis as part of their initial request to be a Host, or that market allocation is assigned as part of an initial data load
  2. To split the allocation of all match tickets between the different markets
  3. Ticket Approvers can also be assigned to just consider requests from specific markets

The upshot is that when a Host from a particular market logs in they will only see ticket availability that has been assigned to that market.

Included in this arrangement:

  • Access to specific Setup Tools and System Management tools to create markets and assign Hosts to markets. Also to divide all ticket allocations between markets using elements of the Ticket Management tool
  • Ticket Approvers can also be assigned to just approve requests within their assigned market
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities, as well as enhanced report filtration by Market for use by Market, assigned Approvers
  • Enhanced Ticket Load Tool to accommodate multiple market allocation