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Welcome to Dataflow Events

In partnership with our extensive customised delegate registration capabilities, we offer a full spectrum of services and options to facilitate Sponsor Ticket Management and Brand Management.

Our arrangements can accommodate multiple partnerships, to facilitate Hosts to request tickets and assign these to guests, or send them invitations.  Ticket allocations can be divided into markets and can either be allocated to Hosts for them to distribute, or are available for them to request.

Our Brand Hub and Brand Asset approval tools will host partnership assets and ensure that brand values are protected.

Most importantly, it is our unique database structure that allows for complete customisation, both for front-end design, but also for system arrangements and processes.  This is a key USP for Dataflow Events.

We are very fortunate to be working with some of the best sports marketing agencies and corporate clients delivering the highest standard of work, as well as achieving a retention rate of over 95%.

I hope that you will wish to join them.

John Denham | Managing Director