Below are a few FAQs about online registration and Dataflow Events.


Dataflow Events

Why should I choose Dataflow Events ?

a. If you have a more complex event that needs both a customised site as well as the need for specialist administrative tools.

b. If you want to be sure that when you start a new project you will be able to make changes to both the front-end design as well as to the data management tools.  Generic providers are not able to deliver the same level of flexibility.

c. If you are only organising a small number of events each year, but still need to deliver a professional site and need the support to help you through the process.

d. If you don’t have the time or staff available to learn how to get the best out of a licensable platform.  You just need someone to take care of this for you!

Who are our clients?

We work with both agencies as well as direct with corporate clients. We manage about 40 different projects a year and are fortunate to have a very high level of repeat business. Please see our Home page for some of our past projects.

What type of events can Dataflow manage?

We have three different levels of service so we are able to manage a wide range of requirements, from a simple cocktail reception invitation to a large global event with complex data management neess.

Are there any restrictions on the website design?

With our Custom Pro service, there are no design restrictions.
If you are working with the Essentials or Professional services, there are restrictions on design layouts. Please Contact us to see our demonstration Essentials and Professional sites.

Are your websites mobile-responsive?

All of our Professional sites are mobile responsive. Our Custom Pro service can also be mobile responsive as required.

Can I have my own domain?

Most of our projects have their own domain, but sites can be delivered as an extension of Dataflow’s domain, such as: www.clients.dataflowevents.co.uk/newclientproject

We can supplement your domain with an SSL certificate for additional data security. We can also provide an Office 365 email account linked to this domain.

Can we have a link from our existing site directly to the registration process?

Yes, we can replicate the look and feel of your existing site so the transition is as seamless as possible. No additional information pages are required.



What is online registration?

Online delegate registration is a way to easily manage delegates attending a variety of events through a registration website.

How long do sites take to build?

If we are given all of the content and assets, we can prepare an Essentials arrangement in 2 days and a Professional site in a week, however for a Professional site it would be prudent to allow additional time for testing. It is advisable that plenty of time is allowed to accommodate the unforeseen! Custom Pro projects can take between a couple of weeks to several months.

Is there any Dataflow Events branding on our site?

No. As long as you choose to have your own domain, there will be no Dataflow Events branding anywhere on the site.

How many different languages can websites be translated into?

Our current record to date is 33, but in theory we are able to manage a site that could be translated into hundreds of different languages. No other provider has such a comprehensive translation process.

Can you handle payments?

Dataflow Events can process delegate payments via PayPal. We set up the account in your name so you have direct access to the funds.  Invoices and receipts can be attached to emails.  Administrators can see payment reports as well as update records with any manual payment receipts.

Do I have to download any software?

No, you can access our platform via the Web.

Can you provide an associated event App?

Dataflow Events do not have an in-house App. We do work with a number of specialist App providers and can provide them administrator access to specialist reports to access ‘App ready data.’

How much does it cost?

The Essentials service starts at £1,750, Professional is between £4,000 to £12,000 and Custom Pro from £5,000. Further price guidelines are shown in our Products page.


Account Management

How do you handle multi-events?

We can handle multi-events and multi-projects. This means that we can have a common set of administrative tools to service multiple events or projects.  This arrangement works very well for multi-rotational events.

Is it easy to switch between your services?

Yes.  It would be no problem if you were to start off using our Professional service but then found that specific customisation was required.  We can apply the required changes to complete the project at additional cost.

Can guest attendance be managed by Market Managers?

Dataflow have extensive experience with large events where the initial delegate management is coordinated by multiple Market Managers.  These managers can be assigned assets on the event such as travel, bedrooms in specific hotels and sessions for them to allocate these to their guests.  This is all managed within our Custom Pro service.

Can I download my reports?

You are able to download your reports in Excel, PDF and CSS formats.



How is my data secure?

We are Cyber Essentials Plus accredited.

At Dataflow Events, all of our data is stored in the UK which compiles to the General Data Protection Regulations. GDPR will replace the existing 1995 Data Protection Regulation in May 2018. We can provide you with the documents to support this, including our annual penetration test. Furthermore, all project data will be deleted after an agreed period following the completion of a project.

Is sensitive data encrypted?

Yes. Sensitive data such as passport details are encrypted. Once submitted delegates cannot review the full details. Access to such data is only facilitated to the highest level of administrator.