Plan / Build

White label solution

There is no Dataflow Events branding in any of our websites - we always work to your branding guidelines. If you select to have your own domain, then there is no association to Dataflow in the URL.

No Design constraints

Our design team can create a website to fit your exact brand guidelines, whether it is a different font, layout or a complex design.

Dedicated PM

Right from the start we will assign to you a Project Manager who will lead you through the process to the end. Once the site is prepared we will train you on the use of the administrative tools, reports, CMS and emails. You are then empowered to manage the project to completion.

Content management

An easy-to-use tool to sort and organise your website/ registration content. Create and edit content, sort, organise and publish on one easy to use platform.

Multiple events

All our clients have their own, separate database offering a single platform able to deliver multiple projects, with multiple events as well as multiple sessions within each event. This means that we can handle multiple assets all under one umbrella.

Multiple assets

It is more than likely that your sponsorship arrangements offer you more than just event tickets. You may receive club branded clothing, options for player escorts, talent access, use of club facilities etc. Our arrangements are able to accommodate the distribution of all of these items.

Manage Tickets

Administrators, Hosts & Guests

The Administrator sets up all the arrangements and allocates or approves tickets to a Host. Hosts request tickets and can allocate these to guests. The guests accept or declines the offer and attends the event.

Ticket creation

An easy process to create clubs & matches, or just events, followed by the creation of tickets types. These ticket types and then linked to particular matches. Ticket can then be assigned to Markets. Finally tickets can be presented in a format to facilitate ticket requests or assigned directly to Hosts.

User Approvals

Administrators can approve or decline, the appointment of Hosts. These hosts could be given access to different assets as well as being assigned a level of priority for ticket requests.

Ticket requests

Once a User has been approved they are able to see a full calendar of events which also shows the availability of different ticket types. Availability of tickets may be restricted by market or perhaps by their User type. They can request tickets, adding further details as required and a business case to support their application. Administrators then process applications to approve, decline or waitlist applications.

Travel & accommodation

There are multiple ways that these items can be managed depending on who is purchasing these items. Hosts can assign elements to guests, or guests can make their own arrangements and advise what they have booked.

Ticket allocation to markets

As an alternative to offering tickets to be requested by Hosts, these can just be assigned by administrators for the Hosts to distribute.

Seat numbers and allocations

Tools are available to load tickets numbers as well as actual seat numbers. These details can be assigned to the tickets originally created and assigned to Hosts and Guests. A Drag & Drop process is available to assign actual seat numbers to guests.

Ticket Collections

Ticket collection at agreed distribution points with a digital signature as proof of collection.

Hosts sites

Request tickets with business case

Hosts and administrators are able to see a full calendar of events or matches, which will show where tickets are available and how many have been allocated to their market. They can select an event, request a certain number of tickets and enter additional details as required, such as a supporting business case.

View allocated tickets

As an alternative to requesting tickets, Hosts can just see how many tickets have been allocated to them. They can then distribute these to their most deserving guests.

My Requests

Hosts and administrators are able to view details on all their ticket and other asset requests. They can then select events and take action as required to re-confirm approved tickets, assign names, assign postal addresses, or embark on a guest invitation process.

Hosts personal contact lists

Hosts can create their own guest list from which they can draw names to add to guest list for particular events or matches. These contact can be loaded using our data load tool.

Guest invitations

Hosts are able to assign tickets to guests and then trigger the sending of an invitation. They can then monitor responses, send reminders and act on behalf of a guest. Guests will receive personalised and fully branded invitations with additional event information as required.

Drag & Drop seat allocation

A Host may have allocated a number of tickets to guests. They then need to assign particular seat numbers to particular guests, thereby managing who sits next to whom. Actual seat numbers can be assigned to Hosts and then to guests via a Drag & Drop tool.

Other Assets – more than just tickets

Most sponsorships will have more than just a number of tickets allocated to them. The request and approval process also needs to be applied to these additional assets. Such items might include:
- Player Escorts
- Merchandise
- Experiences
- Meet the players
- Use of stadiums

Guest Sites & invitations

Data Load

Our data load process makes uploading guests and users a stress-free activity. Our excel templates with dropdown selections ensures that the data is prepared in the correct format. Our data validation performs some simple error checks and also flags possible duplicates allowing you to correct or delete.

Guest invitations & sites

Branded and personalised email invitations can be sent to guests. These guests can accept or decline the invitations, add additional personal details as required, perhaps together with additional partner details and submit.

Player Escort attendance from clubs

We have an excellent structure to enable a larger number of tickets to be allocated to a Sports Club Manager. He takes responsibility for selecting suitable children from their club and sending invitations to their Guardians to accept the invitation and update details on their children.

Multi lingual options

We have a unique facility to manage the translation process of microsites and all email communications with guests and hosts. Our record to date is 26 different languages for one site.

Travel & Accommodation

There are multiple ways that these additional elements can be managed depending on who is the provider. Hosts can assign travel and accommodation to guests, or guests can make their own arrangements and advise what they have booked.

Auto flight load

Our Flight Integration tool pulls flight details to automatically populate the required fields. A quick and popular tool that saves delegates time and ensures accurate and complete data.

Doc Box & Visa letters

Our Doc Box is an easy and secure way of distributing personal or generic documents to your delegates. Administrators can select individuals, markets or all delegates to distribute items such as visa letters, airline tickets and other event related documents. There is also a specific visa letter facility that will create the required personalised documents to support their application.

Manage Guests

Personal itineraries

We can prepare personalised itineraries for each delegate. These can be exported in Word or PDF formats and then distributed to delegates as required.

Document creation – welcome & departure letters

This facility is ideal for the creation of documents such as Welcome and Departure letters. These are dynamic personalised letters incorporating individual details. These documents can be attached for pre-event distribution, or printed on site. They can also be printed individually or in one print run for multiple delegates.


All of our reports are available online at all times. There are a wide variety of options available, including a suite of change reports. All reports can be previewed and then exported in different formats including Excel and are paginated to match the original output.



Wireless barcode scanners can be used during the check-in and badge printing process. These can also be used by exhibitors to scan delegate barcodes to see who has visited them during the event. A specialist App is also an option.

Check-in tool

This increasingly powerful and flexible tool can be used to ‘Check-in’ attendees for events, sessions, gala dinners and as ticket holders. It can be further enhanced to facilitate delegates to sign ‘Waiver letters’ and NDA’s. The tool works in sync with the database, so there is no need to download or re-upload the attendees. It is structured to work well on both tablets and laptops. Multiple devices can be operated at the same time and these will sync with each other.


We offer a full range of badges in both paper and credit card sized PVC. These can be printed in advance and delivered to you together with the equipment to print a certain number on-site. Alternatively, if you are looking for a print-on-demand solution, either via ‘Search & Print’ or 'Scan & Print’ then our quick data retrieval process ensures that badges are delivered quickly and easily.

Photo Gallery

This is an ideal platform for you to give private access to a portfolio of images. These may be from past events or uploaded during the event. These images are automatically optimised for web use. They can also be downloaded by delegates as required.