We have a range of badge types available to suit most event projects from high-quality, credit-card style badges to paper butterfly badges in sizes up to A6. You have the option of simple mono-print to complex full color or full bleed image designs.

The Process

The process is simple:

  1. Select the type of badge you would like
  2. Work with us to prepare the background design
  3. Decide if you want to have the personal details overprinted in advance or printed on-site
  4. Are barcodes or QR codes required
  5. What attachment is preferred: Clip and Pin, magnets or lanyards
  6. If you have RFID badges, then perhaps you will need a badge reel and badge grippers
  7. Agree on the extent of the on-site equipment required such as scanners, laptops and printers.
  8. Agree on the on-site technical support required as well as additional accessories
  9. Dataflow Events will then co-ordinate the process with you

Badge Types

Butterfly Badge

Paper Butterfly Style

Paper Butterfly Style. Available in two sizes: A6 or a slightly smaller 112 x 98mm. Both versions are portrait and come complete with a die-cut slot for use with lanyards.


Plastic Credit Card style

Can be slot punched for use with lanyards or fitted with clip or magnetic attachments. These can be designed in a simple mono colour, logo only or as a designer badge with full branding and print bleed.

RFID badge

RFID Badge

As we print standard PVC badges, we can apply the same process to RFID badges. In addition we can code number match them to the delegates either in advance or on-site as required.

On site we can supply RFID readers to record attendance to the event as well as monitoring session participation.



Where appropriate E-badges do provide a very cost effective badging solution. As part of the delegate joining instructions, we can attach a personalised pdf which they can print on A4 paper in their office and fold to the correct size before coming to the event.  On arrival they can grab a vinyl wallet with a lanyard, insert their badge and walk straight to the event entrance area to be scanned to register their attendance.

 Badge Accessories

We can provide both branded and plain lanyards for your event. There are various badge holders to suit your type of event included vinyl wallets, coloured badge holders, holders with clip and pin attached and more.
Furthermore, if you prefer your delegates to wear the badge without a lanyard or wallet, we can supply you with clip and pin, strap clip or magnet attachments.
Let us know which you’d like when you order with us.


For pre-printing, we can present your badges in many ways. As standard, we arrange your badges in plastic trays which can hold all badges, regardless of width. The plastic trays hold 30 badges but for display purposes on site we suggest you display them using 15 badge slots.

Additionally, we can provide you foam trays which are very popular for clients who have registration desks. These trays are made from high density foam that can hold each badge throughout the travel process. Each foam tray can hold 56 badges and our badging team can include alphabetical display cards, if needed.



Thermal plastic badge printers and laptops with badge printing software can be hired for onsite use. We have developed a system for quick retrieval of delegate data and instant printing of badges. This is a great solution for any unexpected attendees that need to be registered at the event. If using a paper based badge then small, transportable inkjet printers are substituted for the thermal printers.

Search and print:

Badges are personalised at the point of registration. On arrival, attendees simply provide their name and the appropriate record is found on the database. The badge is then quickly personalised – typically in less than 10 seconds.

Scan and print:

We can issue to all attendees joining instructions or e-tickets containing a unique QR or barcode. At the point of registration, delegates simply show their code either from their phone or hard copy print-out to trigger the printing of their badge.  A number of printers and scanners can be used to facilitate larger events.

scan and print
Scan and print
scan and print