Non-Ticket Requests

A sponsor may also be assigned with a host of additional items that they can distribute.  These might be items such as signed balls, signed shirts, use of a venue or to request the appearance of club players.

Included in this arrangement:

  • A new Non-Ticket request tile on the Home page
  • Multiple icon selection options depending on the type of request
  • Summary of items that are available
  • Request forms that need to be completed by the Host. These may vary by asset type.
  • Restrictions on the number of items that can be requested at one time
  • Summary of request page once a Host has submitted their request
  • Enhancement to the Approvals process to accommodate these non-ticket requests
  • Request confirmation email. This could be cc’d to the Approver
  • Approval or rejection emails from the Approver to the Host
  • Non-ticket report
  • Please note that once an asset has been approved, there is no further fulfilment process provided.