Ticket Requests

The key challenge is to distribute tickets in the best interests of the sponsor, ensuring that they go to the most deserving people.  Essentially the arrangements are to present availability to authorised personnel, to facilitate them to make requests, with some business justification, and for an Administrator to approve these requests.

  • To login with a unique username and password
  • To update and edit their personal profile, including postal address
  • To view a calendar of all matches during the required period with red or green flags showing the availability of tickets for all matches.
  • To see ticket availability for each match of different ticket types
  • To request tickets, submitting the quantity required, the business reason and any additional notes for the request. Hosts can also be asked to confirm adherence to terms & conditions as well as the bribery act.
  • That the number of tickets requested for each match is restricted to an agreed amount – perhaps 200% of available tickets. This keeps the number of requests for the Approver to consider, down to manageable number
  • That the number of tickets that can be requested per match is restricted to an agreed level, perhaps 8 tickets per match.
  • A summary of the request is shown once a Host has submitted their request

There is also the ability to request tickets on behalf of another Host.