On-Site Check-in

This facility may be useful if you want to check guests off a list when they arrive.  The Host might have a tablet with a Wi-Fi connection.  They search for the guest name and mark them attending. This then changes the status of the guest from attending to attended.

Included in this arrangement will be:

  • Use of the Check-in tool
    • Search for a name by scrolling or name search
    • Summary details on how many guests are expected and how many have arrived to date
    • Date and time stamp when they arrived

A further enhancement can be the use of scanners to scan a barcode or QR code from detail sent in a Joining Instruction.  Perhaps an entry ticket can be attached to the Joining Instruction email.  By scanning the barcode or QR code the guest will be found and their attendance status updated.  This arrangement is useful if you are expecting over 100 guests.