The Master Administrators have overall control of the whole process and will have the following capabilities:

  • To update and edit all site content
  • To view all reports
  • To review and send all emails
  • To set up new Hosts, Approvers and Administrators
  • To create new events / matches
  • To create new ticket types
  • To allocate the number of tickets to all matches
  • Single mass upload at the start of the season by Dataflow of all matches and the allocation of tickets to each match
  • To load the actual ticket reference numbers and other ticket details such as block, row and seat number for all allocated tickets, using the ticket data load tool
  • To assign actual tickets to individual guests
  • Once assigned, to send an email to the Hosts to advise that their tickets are on the way.
  • To view and edit the details of all guests
  • To edit fixture details and trigger the sending of and email to alert these changed details to relevant Hosts
  • Administrators can also be a Host and an Approver


There are a number of email required to facilitate arrangements.  Email can be sent manually, triggered or scheduled.

The following emails are included:

  • New User invitation to login and start requesting tickets – manual
  • New ticket request confirmation – triggered
  • Approver – Ticket request approved – triggered
  • Approver – Ticket request rejected – triggered
  • Approver – Ticket request wait-listed – triggered
  • Weekly reminder to Hosts to add names to approved tickets – scheduled
  • Forgot password – triggered