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Mobile Responsive Websites

Mobile responsiveness

For a website to become mobile responsive, the website should adapt its layout based on the screen, whether a mobile, tablet, widescreen desktop or laptop etc. This could mean that the font shrinks or images either shrink, move position or are removed altogether. It could also mean that the layout itself can change including the arrangements for the navigation bar.


Use of mobiles

Mobiles used for e-commerce has grown exponentially within the recent years. There are currently 4.917 billion unique mobile users which is an increase of 222 million from January 2016. Overall there are 8.2 billion current mobile devices.
As a registration website, you want the user to be able to register whenever and wherever they can so that they attend your event. Mobile and e-commerce statistics show that these numbers are always growing – a sign that all registration website should be mobile responsive! Mobile responsiveness isn’t a hard subject to conquer and at Dataflow Events we know the best way to lay out your site for mobiles.


What Dataflow Events recommends

The layout of a mobile responsive site may resemble the following:

    • The menu bar across the top moves to become a drop-down menu icon.
    • All images shrink down to fit the screen.
    • An image situated beside text moves to appear above or below the text instead.
    • We can enable a home screen icon for guests who wish to save the web page to their phone screen.

For mobile responsive sites, we ensure the site is compatible with the following devices for web pages and emails:

    • iPhone / iPad
    • Android
    • Windows
    • Blackberry