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The Dataflow Events Difference

There are a few big questions for any prospective buyer when choosing a registration platform:

  • Why should I work with Dataflow Events?
  • Will they provide the right service for me at an acceptable cost?
  • What are the most suitable projects to match the skills and capabilities of Dataflow?

The service provided by Dataflow Events is somewhat different to the standard model of licencing software. Dataflow are able to provide a more hands on approach where we can prepare a site on your behalf but incorporate all of the exact functionality that you need with a design that you want.  We then empower you to use the tools and functionality to deliver the project.

Based at our office in Wimbledon, we have a team of Project Managers and Developers who are able to react quickly to both new requirements and ongoing changes.

A fully customised solutions sounds expensive, however, because everything we do is based on everything we have done, and with 20 years of experience behind us, it is more than likely that we have delivered projects with very similar requirements already.  In this way we can match a high level of service at a reasonable cost.

We are very fortunate to work with some top agencies and corporate clients to deliver the highest standard of work.  I hope that you would like to join them.



John Denham

Managing Director